The novel! 

So,i haven’t been  writing up in my blog these days. And I’m so good at procrastination. But i would love to share a few lines with you today. I was hovering around in and it recommended me a book called ” The curious incident of a dog at the nighttime “. The reviews were superb. And i told myself i would have it a go. So, i bought in on Amazon for a really good price. I didn’t have enough time to read it so,i placed it at the top of the stacks of novel I’ve read. I started reading 4 days ago, and it turned out to be really surprising. Indeed it was! 

It was  oddly arranged chapter wise, that makes it very interesting. I am a bit slow in maths (yeah,it has maths equation everywhere) so it took longer than usual for me to read. It made me cry a bit, a bit! I am a very sensitive person and it made me  cry for a couple of chapters, especially the part when i discovered he was Autistic. 

So if you’re reading my post and you like vintage novels. I highly recommend you to read it as well. 

A compelling novel! 




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